Hi! Hope all is well out there in the interwebs. I’m going to attempt to write up the recap from Matt’s bachelor party weekend aka MATTCHELOR PARTY!!! So please forgive me if I’m not good at this words-on-paper/talking thing. Like Game of Thrones, this is my POV so you have to ask others for their version of the story.

Here are the bullet points:

The Pre-Party

Matt and I left work around noon on Friday and got back to his house. Because I’ve been a bit busy and wanted to get some of the food for dinner fresh we had to go to the store. We started at Costco and finished at HEB. The best part at being at Costco was eating pizza AND a hotdog for lunch. For me that was a memorable moment because Matt and I used to (in our youthful prime have) cheap lunches at Costco and would talk about life in that cafeteria. Funny to think about how the conversation has changed from “Damn I hate work.” to “Damn I hate work, but Hey! you’re getting married in a month!”

Sunset Toast at Oasis Brewery

Once Ted arrived in Austin, the three of us headed to the house to unpack and get things situated. The house that I reserved lived up to 90% of the hype. The coolest part of the house for me was that it was three stories high with patios off all floors. The view we had from the top floor was killer.

The plan from there was to meet the other fellow “All Stars” (please refer to boat picture below) at Oasis Brewery for our private tour.

After purchasing our beers, we had a little meet and greet for the fellows that didn’t know each other and we got to kick off the weekend with a toast at sunset over Lake Travis. Not going to lie, it was really an awesome view and something everyone needs to check out. The tour we received was led by one of the head brewers named Drew. He was really chill and gave us a nonchalant tour of their multi-level facility that ended with us shot-gunning a beer. Drew, that was so nice of you but poor Matt… he tried his best.


It’s Crunk Time!

Nothing much to say here besides “All I do is win win win no matter what!” The motif that I was designing for this weekend was, WE DON’T GET DRUNK, WE GET AWESOME! Lots of drinking… lots of games… lots of funny stories… and lots of fun times. The Tex-Mex dinner was finally served by 9 PM and a huge shout out to Gabe my grill master and Ted my sous in the kitchen. Per the usual Alan’s dinner special, too much food and too much to drink.

 4 AM Shenanigans + The Hot Tub

The party continued until people started to drop off to bed. There were a few of us that stayed up way too late but we were just having too much fun to go to bed. AND… *Ahem, Ahem* a certain someone decided that he needed to relax his beer pong arm therefore ended in the hot tub… let’s just say it was a sight to behold HAHA!

  A bit of trouble backing up the boat

The next day we finally gathered our wits about us and had a wonderful Czech breakfast, courtesy of “Ted Wilson’s Delivery Service” from the Czech Stop Bakery. Bread and meat really helps soak up that last bit of alcohol still registered in the blood.

With stomachs full we packed our beers, put on our bro tanks (a gift from Matt), and headed out to the lake. I, as the designated planner of this weekend, became the captain of the pontoon however I had a bit of an issue. I swear I’ve driven a boat before! Maybe there is a difference between a high powered ski boat than a slow cruising pontoon but let’s just say I had a hard time backin’ it up… which lets be real here, if you know me, YOU KNOW I can back, back, back it UP!!! Come challenge me on the dance floor and see!

Kings on the lake

Once we finally got out to the great beyond of Lake Travis, I drove us to Devil’s Cove which is one of the more popular party coves of the lake. I don’t think the guys could handle Hippie Hollow.

It was honestly the best lake day anyone could ask for. The sky was clear, it wasn’t unbearably hot, and the cove wasn’t too crowded. We dropped anchor and everyone jumped right in. We had 4 hours of relaxing, beer drinking and great conversations. Some of played a bit of King’s Cup and some of us were just Kings i.e. Matt Anthony. Once our time was up, I SAFELY got us back to the docks.

Reheated Dinner Before We Panicked

So it turns out we had a bit too much sun. So much so that I passed the heck out the moment I laid my head down. I’m glad that I cancelled our dinner RSVP and told the guys were going to have leftovers from the dinner before, courtesy to the fact that I over estimated on the food purchasing. I don’t think anyone had a single complaint however because between the hooch and the heat, people were knocked out!

We Won Damnit… 

After we managed to eat dinner half asleep, we cleaned ourselves up for a night at the Panic Room. No the Panic Room is not a strip joint or a club or even a bar, it is “a live escape room that’s perfect for building teamwork” says their website. This was our educational and mind stimulating part of the Mattchelor tour. It was pretty cool and I recommend people to check it out. Not to dive into detail of what happened in the room however WE WON DAMNIT! I don’t care what McKenna had to say, WE WON! In summary we had an hour to escape the room however we literally figured out the answer to escape seconds before it was over so in my books… WE WON DAMNIT!

Story time

I kept it open ended in the plans for after the Panic Room. Basically put it to a vote… stay out and have a bar hoppin good time or bring the party back to the house. Because we still had so much booze and beer we decided to head back and continue the party there. It didn’t really turn into crazy debauchery but rather a great night of stories and just laughing about them. I think this is what happens when you get a bunch of married dudes besides a few that are in their late twenties and early thirties together for a party, it ends up being a chill time. Ahh to the good ole’ days! Cheers!

Banger’s Brunch… Well Kind Of

Next morning was just the usual scramble to clean up, pack up and check out of the BNB. Plan was to head to Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden for brunch. Ironically I kind of felt the whole weekend was a “sausage house and beer garden” but I digress. The best part of Banger’s brunch is the Manmosa! It’s a huge stein with a liter of champagne and any choice juice.

Figured it was the best way for Matt to get over his hangover. The brunch wasn’t so much a brunch though. Turns out Banger’s was remodeling their kitchen so it was more like Banger’s food truck. I think people ate well however and most importantly eager to get home to take their afternoon nap. So Sunday Funday ended after brunch and we parted ways. With much love and laughter came the end of the Mattchelor Party! The end.