So I’m possibly the worst blogger imaginable… One month later, here we are to recap the New Orleans wedding shower for Amanda and Matt! It was a great night filled with family and good friends.

Our family friend, Debbie Boudreaux, hosted a fabulous, loosely Italian themed wedding shower at her home in New Orleans. Upon entering the house, everyone was given a strand of beads, which was the beginning of the fun yet ruthless bead game. No one was allowed to cross their arms or legs all night or else they’re beads could be taken away. The person with the most beads at the end of the night wins the game, but we’ll come back to that.


We started the evening with some delicious bellinis made with Louisiana peach puree. Debbie hired her son and his friend to be our bartenders for the night. (I’m thinking a new catering company is in the works). They kept everyone happy serving the Amanda and Matt signature drinks among many other things.


As the night went on, we enjoyed some great Italian food like bruschetta and bacon-wrapped stuffed dates… those were possibly the biggest hit of the night provided by Amanda’s godmother, Rosemary. 


When people began to sit and relax, the bead game truly began. Most everyone, including myself, started crossing their legs and subsequently losing their beads. Veronica and Heather were dominating the game.

While everyone was finishing dinner, a few volunteers and I passed out some question sheets for the next game, the shoe game. There was a series of questions about Amanda and Matt, and the guests had to choose how the couple would answer. Once everyone was done, the papers were picked up and redistributed for grading (like a pop quiz in middle school, but slightly more stressful). 

I then asked Amanda and Matt a bunch of questions, and we learned a couple of interesting things… For instance, Amanda is more likely to lose her phone (no surprise there). Matt is the more romantic of the two, and if trapped on a deserted island, Amanda would eat Matt for food. All important things to know about the couple. We had a three way tie for the winner between my father, my friend, Amelia, and Kate, so there were a couple of tie breaker questions. We found out that Amanda calls home more, and Matt is planning most of the honeymoon.


My father ended up winning the shoe game! (Just ignore Amelia looking very jealous in the background). Apparently father really does know best… that was lame. Sorry. 


Then it was time for Matt and Amanda to open their gifts. This was an “Around the Clock” shower, which means that guests brought gifts to coincide with a particular time of day, because marriage is a ‘round the clock commitment. The couple received some wonderful and thoughtful (and awesomely wrapped) gifts from their guests. 

Next was dessert. Margaret and I (with help from Byron, Joseph, and Amanda) made a painstakingly homemade tiramisu. Matt and Amanda once again practiced cutting the “cake” with the cake knife given to them by my mom. 

During dessert, Amanda won a bunch of beads from Byron and Heather. Then, the counting commenced, and AMANDA WON!


Look at that face… And then she gained some much needed facial hair. Improvement? I think so.


After all of the games and festivities, everyone stayed and talked, spending some quality time with the guests of honor. If this couple’s shower was any gauge for how fun the wedding will be, then we are going to have a blast!