Hello, all! I’m here to recap Amanda’s bachelorette over Memorial Day weekend. I apologize for the belated post, but at least we’re getting this up before the next shower! Amanda and Matt’s engagement has been smooth sailing – most major wedding details set in advance, a dress bought on our first shopping day, and lots of partying!

Now back to the bachelorette… Elena and I found this charming house on AirBnB that was the perfect home base for our weekend. Elena, Amanda, and I started out Saturday morning fueling up with Taco Deli! After our delicious breakfast, we went shopping for enough food and drink to feed an army, then arrived at the house to find Katie and Jules ready to settle in and head out on our first activity.

We went to 512 Brewery, home of a delicious Nitro Pecan Porter. We learned a lot about the craft brewery – they don’t can/bottle/mass produce their products at all so it was a special treat to try their beer on tap. 



We then went back to the house for a little recharge and to meet up with the rest of our crew. Amanda’s cousin Stacy and another Austin friend Jamie arrived at the house. Elena had the brilliant idea of bringing some temporary “Flash Tattoos” from New Orleans, and needless to say we got a liiiiiiiiiittle bit into them!


Next, we ventured out to dinner at St. Phillip Pizza. We dined family style – each person picking one item from the menu that we all shared. We probably ordered almost every appetizer and some yummy burrata pizza. I loved this aspect of Amanda’s bachelorette weekend. She has the uncanny ability to bring a great group of people together – especially over a great meal!


After we were all paid up, we went to the coffeeshop next door to plot our next move. We vaguely knew some rain was in the forecast, but could never have predicted what came next. It started raining hard and getting extremely windy. We initially weren’t too concerned, laughing and sipping our fancy lattes.

Next thing we know, flashing lights from a police car came racing through the parking lot and the patrons waiting outside storm in to give us a message: a tornado had touched down not too far away, and the area was under a tornado watch. There were a blur of people from the coffeeshop, restaurant, and nearby businesses herding together in the hallway, away from windows and potential harm. After a few minutes, employees from St. Phillip came through with some pizza slices to hold us over! Once the watch was over, we figured that was enough excitement for one evening and headed home.

Back at home base, we enjoyed some raucous puzzling, Bananagrams, and Yahtzee. We had to be up bright and early for Amanda’s bridal shower! 

Back at home base, we enjoyed some raucous puzzling, Bananagrams, and Yahtzee. We had to be up bright and early for Amanda’s bridal shower! 

Stacy and her mom Leslie brilliantly coincided the party with the bachelorette weekend, and it was a treat to attend. The breakfast spread was divine and the mimosas were flowing. After some high quality schmoozing, Stacy had planned a game that Amanda did at her shower the previous year. In true Matt fashion, he surprised Amanda at the party with flowers! He wanted to pop in, but of course we wouldn’t let him leave. Amanda’s mom gifted them a cake knife for practice :-)

Check out these lovely ladies!

Check out these lovely ladies!

Later that night, Elena made us a Puerto Rican feast and we watched a very amateur comedy performance while getting Gordough’s doughnuts. The next morning, we went to another coffeeshop before parting ways. Jules showed us a specialty shop with “moon milk” lattes – described by Katie as melted vanilla ice cream. Yeah, it was that good. We prolonged our goodbye, talking about how excited we were for October and sharing laughs. ‘Til then!