After the excitement of getting engaged settled in a little bit, we started to think logically about the wedding. One of the first things we talked about was our bridal party. We both had so many people in our lives that we loved and wanted to be next to us on our special day. As we started to make our list it quickly became apparent that we were going to have to cut it down.

We decided to simplify to just three people per side. Once we decided on a list, we wanted to ask them in a way that made them feel special and loved.  I decided to order a necklace for each of my bridesmaids (and my mother, because, well she is my mom) in the wedding colors. I also ordered cards and wrote notes to them explaining how important they are to me and asking them to stand by me. 


Matt decided to order flasks with the initial of each of his groomsman and his friend Britt who is going to help officiate our wedding. With the flasks he included a bottle of each persons favorite type of alcohol. He also wrote heartfelt letter to each of them. I didn't read his notes, but Matt has a way with words, so I'm sure there were a few tears. 


Once we had our packages ready to go, we anxiously awaited their responses. Matt was smart and tracked all of his packages, but I didn't and two of mine ended up getting lost in the mail! Luckily they turned up at their proper destinations two whole weeks after they were supposed to. After all of the waiting, everyone finally received their present and responded with a resounding "yes!" 

We are both so excited to have these six amazing people stand by us and with us as we take this next step in our journey together.  We love y'all! 

P.S. Take a look at our Wedding Party page for more information on these awesome people.