Last year (2013), Amanda and I spent Thanksgiving in New Orleans. At that time, I knew 2014 was the year I wanted to propose. Amanda and I were better than ever, and our professional and personal lives were in sync. It was time to ask her parents if it was OK for me to marry their daughter.

So I prayed about it (on advice and a great phone call from my step-mother). After some careful prayer and meditation, I decided that during this trip to New Orleans I would ask them, if the opportunity presented itself. God answered one day when Amanda went out shopping with her sister for some last minute items. Left at the house was Annette, Julio, and me.

I took a deep breath. I am not one who normally does things like this on a whim. To make sure everything goes the way that it looks in my mind I usually like to practice what I want to say in big moments like these.  I like to write out the words and practice delivering them. I wasn't scared of what they were going to say, really. I was more terrified of stumbling through an important moment in my life. I wanted to remember this moment forever; to look back on it with fond memory.

So I asked them. Trembling a bit with nervous tension, I told them, "You know that I love your daughter very much. We have been dating for a long while, and I think now is the time for us. With your blessing, I want to ask Amanda to marry me."

Julio reacted first with, "Oh wow, that is great. That is great!" I forget exactly what Annette said, but neither response was along the lines of a simple "Yes, Matt. You have our blessing to marry Amanda." So, I asked again. "'s ok then?"

Then Annette replied with, "Well what did you think we were going say, no? Of course it's yes!"

I breathed a sigh of relief, as we all embraced in turn. Then Julio said we should have some drinks, which I wasn't going to say no to. We toasted with NOLA Blonde (I think. Julio can keep me honest in the comments as I don't remember exactly) and Julio kept telling me that I was ahead of the game. I asked him what he meant, and he said he never asked Annette's parents for permission. So, at least I did one thing right.

I told Elena and Julian (Amanda's sister and brother) later that night that I had asked their parents, and they had given their blessing on our match. It was nice to share it with them.