Matt and I were really excited to visit New Orleans for so many reasons: family, Christmas, and taking care of wedding tasks that are hard to from Austin. Setting up tastings with bakeries and our caterer was the first thing on our list. The first three tastings we did were the three bakeries that our caters has accounts with. The lovely Kate accompanied us to our first tasting at Swiss Confectionary. We liked that the bakery was family owned and run, but the cakes were a little too sweet for us. 

The next day we ventured to Haydel's with Julian.  The staff there was very helpful and showed us all of the cake and filling flavors they had to offer. They also talked with us about what style of cake we wanted and were patient as I scrolled through the many photos I had pinned on Pinterest.  I have never been a fan of white cake, but just one bite of theirs changed my mind. Matt liked it too!


We grabbed a quick lunch at Crabby Jacks, where we enjoyed an amazing shrimp remoulade and fried green tomato poyboy.  


After lunch we headed to Gambino's where Elena was able to join us on her lunch break. The staff there was also very helpful, even though they were busy with holiday orders. We were able to taste all of their fillings and get an idea of what the cake would look like. 

At the end of the cake tastings we were all craving something savory, so we headed home to make dinner and mull over all of the info we gathered. In the end we decided that we are going to get our wedding cake from Haydel's bakery. We really loved their white cake and the staff was awesome. Matt knows what he wants for his grooms cake, but we aren't sure what bakery we will go with yet. 

Next up was our big tasting with Capdebosq Catering. My mom and Kate were planning on joining us, but unfortunately my mom got sick and was unable to join us. We were nervous about booking a caterer without tasting the food, but luckily our fears were quickly put to rest. Gene, the owner, was incredible nice and took us through what we can expect from them on our big day. We got to taste a lot of different dishes and began to think about what we wanted. Kate was amazing and took great notes of our likes and dislikes as well as the wealth of information that Gene was giving us. By the time we left, we were full and very excited about continuing to work with Gene and his family. 


During this trip I also got a chance to take Matt to the Federal Ballroom for the first time. Rebecca, who is our wedding planner, was nice enough to show us around and answer our many questions. We were so excited to be in the space and begin to really envision what our day is going to be like. We even got to take a picture in front of the massive vault downstairs!


The rest of our holiday visit was filled with lots of family time, good food, friends, and of course puzzles!

Matt even got a bit of down time to start planning our honeymoon, with a little help from Ella. 


We were so excited to be able to ring in the new year in the city that we will soon be married in!